The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) observing campaigns are coordinated observational efforts focused on specific astronomical objects, particularly variable stars, which are stars that change in brightness over time. These campaigns invite amateur and professional astronomers worldwide to contribute observations, leading to a diverse and comprehensive dataset that can yield substantial scientific results.

Active Campaigns
# Title Researcher Start date End date Requested Data Types
851 Multiwavelength coverage requested for V695 Cyg study with HST AAVSO 2024-02-14 (UTC) 2024-12-31 (UTC) Photometry, Spectroscopy
838 Monitoring requested for 11 dwarf novae in support of HST observations in 2023-2024 AAVSO 2023-11-01 (UTC) 2024-09-30 (UTC) Photometry
836 AAVSO and SNEWS partner in campaign to monitor bright supernova progenitors AAVSO 2023-10-13 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry
826 Supernova in M101 - SN 2023ixf in NGC 5457 AAVSO 2023-05-19 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry
859 Photometry and spectroscopy requested for bright binaries being observed with CHARA - Revised AAVSO 2023-04-18 (UTC) 2024-07-31 (UTC) Photometry
813 Nova in Sagittarius: N Sgr 2023 = TCP J17562787-1714548 AAVSO 2023-02-20 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
804 Alert Notice 804: RW Cep dimming underway - observations requested AAVSO 2022-12-16 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
797 Monitoring requested for V730 Cep AAVSO 2022-10-28 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry
784 T Pyx monitoring requested for upcoming HST campaigns AAVSO 2022-07-05 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry
773 EX Lup outburst coverage requested AAVSO 2022-03-19 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
771 Alert Notice 771: V1117 Her in deep fade again AAVSO 2022-03-09 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry
754 Alert Notice 754: Monitoring requested for 15 VY Scl cataclysmic variables in support of HST observations AAVSO 2021-09-14 (UTC) 2024-09-30 (UTC) Photometry, Spectroscopy
747 V627 Peg photometry and spectroscopy requested AAVSO 2021-07-20 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
749 Nova in Vulpecula: N Vul 2021 = TCP J20210770+2914093 AAVSO 2021-07-16 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
746 High-resolution spectroscopy and photometry requested for rho Cas study AAVSO 2021-06-18 (UTC) 2024-12-31 (UTC) Photometry, Spectroscopy
744 V1117 Her observations requested AAVSO 2021-06-08 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry
742 Alert Notice 742: V1405 Cas = N Cas 2021 brightening AAVSO 2021-05-05 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
738 R Aqr monitoring needed in support of Chandra and HST observations AAVSO 2021-04-05 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
739 Nova in Sagittarius: N Sgr 2021 No. 2 AAVSO 2021-04-04 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
735 Nova in Cassiopeia: N Cas 2021 AAVSO 2021-03-19 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
724 VY Aqr observing campaign AAVSO 2020-11-09 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
722 Alert Notice 722: N Sgr 2020 No. 4 = PNV J17545999-2122401 [V6593 Sgr] AAVSO 2020-10-02 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry, Spectroscopy
717 Flaring of blazar S5 1803+78 continues AAVSO 2020-08-17 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry
684 Photometry requested for campaign on V1491 Cyg AAVSO 2019-11-01 (UTC) 2040-11-30 (UTC) Photometry
691 Request for immediate photometric monitoring of the fading star ASASSN-V J060000.76-310027.83 AAVSO 2019-10-25 (UTC) Ongoing Photometry