Proposal #146

Proposer (3053) Andrew Pearce ( obscode: PEX
Assigned To(3663) Dirk Terrell
Date SubmittedJuly 22, 2020

It's apparent that there has been very little BVIR CCD photometry of N Ret 2020 since discovery on July 15th 2020. This may be due to the fact that there are not many small telescopes in the southern hemisphere with this capability. So far only two small data sets on two night has been acquired since discovery. I attempted to perform photometry with the smaller iTelescopes at Siding Spring, but they do not have standard BVIR filters.

This proposal is based around using BSM telescopes to acquire BVIR photometry on every clear night commencing immediately until the nova has faded below the limit of these telescopes. This is in support of the observing campaign as per Alert Notice 711. All observations will be uploaded into the AID.

Target RA (H.HH) Dec (D.DD) Magnitude Telescope Observation Frequency Expiration Date Proprietary Term
N Ret 2020 3.974875 -54.77811 18.0–3.7 BSM_Berry 1 Jan. 29, 2021 No


(4726) Kenneth Menzies — Aug. 2, 2020, 5:47 p.m.

Plan generated and committed to both BSM_Berry and BSM_S.

(4848) George Silvis — Oct. 18, 2022, 8:24 p.m.

Dropped from BSM_S as it is offline
Plan modified to run every 7 days and do long exposures.
Target is fading now, probably
" It is decreasing about 0.25mag per 100 days, or about 0.0025mag/day. " per Arne email

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