Light Curve Analysis of 33 Pulsating Red Giant Stars

Volume 48 number 2 (2020)

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Kate M. Blackham
Swinburne University of Technology, John Street, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia 3122;


This project sought to use the AAVSO vstar software package to confirm the classification and periodicity of 33 pulsating red giant stars listed within the AAVSO International Database and look for changes in their periodicity over time. V826 Cas and V451 Cep were found to be semiregular with periods of 419 and 385.4 days, respectively. There was no evidence that GO Peg is semiregular; the data are consistent with its being an irregular star. BR CVn has a period of 860 days. V854 Cas, TU CVn, and μ Cep show variations to their periodicity that, while within the few percentage wanderings typical of these stars, may be the beginnings of longer-term changes and warrant further investigation.