Photometry of TIC 230386284, a Recently Found Bright Eclipsing Star in Draco

Volume 48 number 2 (2020)

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Maksym Pyatnytskyy
Dzhona Makkeina 37, apt. 6, Kyiv, 01042, Ukraine;


The results of photometry are presented for the star TIC 230386284, of EA+UV type, recently found by the author while mining TESS data. The depth of primary eclipses in the Johnson V band derived from the author’s measurements was found to be significantly smaller (0.024 mag) compared to the TESS bandpass (0.11 mag). This was interpreted as a result of light contamination by an extremely close optical companion having a very different color. Estimation of the upper brightness limit of the variable out of eclipses and flares in the Johnson V band and brightness of the contaminating star was done; the contaminating star appeared to be brighter in V than the variable by at least 1.3 mag.