Towards the Flux Calibration of Small Telescope Spectra (Abstract)

Volume 48 number 2 (2020)

Wayne Green
Boulder Astronomy and Space Society, Boulder CO
Anthony Rodda
British Astronomical Society, London, United Kingdom
Clarke Yeager
Boulder Astronomy and Space Society, Boulder CO


(Abstract only) We present a set of reference resources and machine-ready spectral data covering optical bands from UVA through 8000+ Angstroms, based on our literature/informatics search of bright spectro-photometric calibration sources suitable for small telescope investigations. These data are made available as “.dat” ASCII whitespace/column data with absolute units of ergs s–1 cm–2 Å. These catalogs have been translated and augmented for small telescope spectroscopy using additional data from SIMBAD, GAIA, and other references to produce a PostgreSQL database. We include a generic telluric line table and files suited to popular planning/operational planetarium programs. We discuss the salient aspects of each library reviewed. We include methodology to acquire spectral measurements of filters and lamp sources common with photometry and spectroscopy. These data and scripts are available through an MIT open source license via GitHUB/Docker and, to the extent possible, are platform agnostic.