Variable Star Plotter

Plot a Quick Chart

Required if no coordinates are provided below
Allowed Formats: HH:MM:SS, HH MM SS, DDD.XXXX. Required if no name is given above
Allowed Formats: ±DD:MM:SS, ±DD MM SS, ±DD.XXXX. Required if no name is given above
A is larger, slower; G is smaller, faster
A Chart ID will allow you to reproduce prior charts. Overrides all other fields in this form.

Advanced Options

In Arcminutes. Must be between 0' and 1200'
Stars fainter than this magnitude will not be displayed
Resolution in dpi to render the chart (default 150)
Displayed at the top-center of the chart
Displayed beneath the chart star field
If yes, retrieves image from the Digital Sky Survey
The AID is the database of stars for which AAVSO submissions can be made
If Yes, this will force lines to be drawn from all magnitude labels to the stars
Binocular: Only labels comparison stars useful for binocular viewing
Standard Field: Only labels photometric "standard stars" in the chart's field of view
V and (B-V) magnitudes are always displayed. Select any other bands you wish displayed below